The 5 Youtubers who feed my makeup addiction

I’ve mentioned before that I didn’t really get into makeup until my late 20s. I’ve worn makeup since I was a teen. But it pretty much consisted of drugstore foundation, black eyeliner on my upper lid and black mascara. Thatzit. All of that changed after my first trip to Sephora circa 2009. Since then, I have turned into a makeup junkie/crazy makeup hoarder. How do you justify your hoarding, you ask? Well, in no particular order, here are a few of the lovely ladies that make me feel like my obsession and borderline hoarding is totally normal.

1. Tarababyz I heart Tara for so many reasons. One, she has the most amazing makeup collection I’ve ever seen. For real. She did a two-part video covering her entire collection and it was more than 2 hours long! It’s pretty much a given that she’ll be picking up and reviewing any hot new makeup product. It’s so nice to be able to see her opinion and in-depth review on a product before I buy it. Secondly, she is an equal opportunity makeup junkie. She has the most extensive Tom Ford makeup collection I’ve seen on YouTube but she also loves ELF. Thirdly, her reviews are really thorough and thoughtful. Her videos are longer than a lot of Youtubers, which some people might not like, but I love it! Her product demos are great too, even though her makeup technique isn’t my style, I appreciate and respect her opinion. Lastly, I think she’s probably the most down-to-earth Youtuber in the makeup space. Listen, I don’t hate on anyone doing their thing. But there are some Youtubers I just can’t watch because they seem to be playing a part. I’m an introvert, so crazy bubbly people can sometimes be hard for me to relate to. Tara has a nice, calm demeanor. She doesn’t try to be funny or bubbly, she is just straightforward and matter-of-fact. Two thumbs up!

2. Kathleen Lights This girl is hilarious. And not in a “I’m trying to be funny” type of way. She’s just naturally goofy and cute. I want to be her friend! She’s also got some amazing tutorials. AMAZING. My favorite is Get Ready With Me! Date Night Makeup ft. Naked Basics Palette….like, how can someone make straight up black eye makeup look so amazing?!?!

3. EmilyNoel83 I love the reviews on this channel. Along with Tarababyz, I can count on Emily to review new products before I buy them. She is thorough but doesn’t drone on. And her demeanor is so calm and sweet without seeming fake. Also, even though I’m childless, I loved watching her go through pregnancy and now parenthood.

4. Karima McKimmie I love this Aussie! First of all, she is beyond gorgeous. The skin! The cheek bones! Gah! Beyond that, she does some pretty amazing tutorials. I love her high end tutorials in particular and how natural her looks are. So many Youtubers are more on the super-contoured, Kardashian vein. I like watching those, but frankly cannot pull off 99% of those looks. Karima’s looks, even the dramatic ones, are totally realistic and wearable.

5. RachhLoves Even though she is super bubbly and not as straightforward as the other Youtubers I’ve mentioned, I find her schtick really cute. She’s witty and just cute! And I look forward to her beauty favorites every month!

Thanks ladies, for feeding my soul and my addiction.


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