Project Pan- Concealers

As you can see, I actually have a reasonable number of concealers. I think that’s mostly because I don’t need a concealer for blemishes very often. I do get some hormonal acne (read: on the jaw line), but the blemishes are larger and not super red (usually). A layer of foundation usually takes care of the hormonal acne. I can’t even tell you how awesome this is, as I spent a lot of my 20s fighting horrible acne. HORRIBLE. The moral of the story being- I only use concealer under my eyes on a regular basis. Here is what I use:

1. Makeup Forever Full Cover Concealer (.5 oz). This stuff is awesome. As the name states, it is VERY full coverage. It is a little dry and thick for use under the eye, which is what I bought it for. So, I don’t use it that often and a little goes a LONG way. I am thinking that maybe I can mix it with some moisturizer and it would be a great light coverage foundation? If you need help covering discoloration or acne, I would highly recommend this product.

2. BECCA Under Eye Brightening Corrector (.16oz). I use this before I put on my under eye concealer, When I first bought this, I loved it. It definitely gives a glowy, bright look to the under eye area. But, it is pretty thick, almost like a paste. I am not sure if it is this product or my concealer, but I get a lot of creasing. Once I finish my current concealer, I will know better what is causing the creasing.

3. Lancome Effacernes Under Eye Concealer deluxe sample (.23 oz). I really love this stuff for under the eye. However, because I’ve had the Bobbi Brown concealer longer, I want to use that up before I use this daily.

4. Bobbi Brown Face Touch Up Stick (.08 oz). I bought this to cover blemishes, but the shade I bought is slightly too light for that, so I’ve been using it under my eyes. I just went back to the Sephora website and it specifically says that this product is NOT meant for the under eye area. Whoops. I can see why it says that. This formula is way too thick for under eyes and it creases like a mofo. I guess I will go back to the Lancome under the eye and use this one for blemishes.

I don’t actually have a goal to cut down on the number of concealers in my stash, although I definitely won’t be buying more until I finish one of these.

Goal: 3-4 concealers/correctors


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