Project Pan- Bronzers

So I guess I don’t have THAT many Bronzers either? I did just finish up 2 so that helps. But even taking that into account, my bronzer collection is manageable. Score one for me in my fight against makeup hoarding. Wait until I show you my eyeshadow palette collection…eke! I also included my Naked Flushed palettes in this section as it seemed the most appropriate. Here are my bronzers:

1. Tarte Amazonian Clay Waterproof Bronzer in Park Ave Princess deluxe sample (.11 oz). I got this in the recent Sephora Bronze Bares All kit. I actually have this in a Tarte eyeshadow palette and it is okay. It is a little too shimmery for my liking, but it works for certain looks.

2. Naked Flushed in Streak (.49 oz). I’m crazy and bought the Naked Vault when it was re-released this past spring. I only had the Naked 3 prior and had always wanted the other eye pallets and it was a really good deal. I haven’t used these much recently because I’ve been focusing on my Project Pan blush and bronzer, but I do like these for travel. I take this, foundation, concealer, an eye pallet and a couple of lipsticks and I’m good to go. This is my favorite of the Naked Flushed sets, as it goes the best with my skin tone. I love the blush! The highlighter is nice too and the bronzer is a little orange but workable.

3. Naked Flushed in Naked (.49 oz). This highlighter is too dark for me, but I can use it as a blush topper. The blush is also dark, but can be used for a dramatic look or with a very light hand. The bronzer is actually good for my skin tone, which means it is too light for anyone that the blush and highlight works for….odd.

4. Naked Flushed in Streak (.49 oz). I like this set too. It is the peachy hued of the bunch. Now that I am looking at it, I should see how this highlight compares to BECCA’s Champagne Pop….they look really similar in the pan. This one might be a little darker.

5. Too Face Soleil Matte Bronzer in Chocolate Soleil deluxe sample (.08 oz). I got this in my July Ipsy bag. SCORE! I have actually used up a full size of this bronzer before and I love it. It is a great gray-toned contour shade and it is really blendable. And it smells like chocolate. LOVE. This has been my everyday bronzer since using up my Project 10 Pan bronzer (spoiler alert!). I will repurchase when I use up this deluxe sample.

As I said at the beginning of this post, I think my bronzer collection is manageable. After finishing up my Project 10 Pan bronzer- the tarte Slenderizer in Park Ave Princess- I want to try another bronzer in stick form. I did really like the formula of the tarte product, but it is too orange for my liking. I am thinking about the Smashbox pencil set. I’ve also been eyeing the Marc Jacobs Light Filtering Contour Powder. I’d like to use up another bronzer before purchasing anything though. Maybe I will start working on the tarte deluxe sample I have and once I get through that I will purchase the Smashbox set or the Marc Jacobs compact. 5 bronzers it is!

Goal: 5 bronzers


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